Hey everyone, I would like to introduce Neil one of our wonderful regular Plymouth Beach Clean Volunteers.
Have a read below to find out a little bit more about who are volunteers are and why they join in.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Hi. I was born and still live here in Plymouth, with its abundance of beaches, coves and fishing villages. Always enjoyed trips to the beach as a kid, my family had an old caravan in Cornwall where long summers were spent. As I’m now older I have spare time from work to do volunteering and to give back, so the next generation will be able to enjoy and have the memories as I have. Now it’s the simpler things in life that are important to me, I’ve realised that running around fast doesn’t really get you anywhere. Have fun.

How many beach cleans have you done?
Only started this year with Plymouth Beach Cleans, have done a few, we don’t really care what the weather is like, and we have lots of beaches to choose from, living in Plymouth. Lots more booked up now summer is on the way, as more people go to the beach. I think the message is getting through, to respect and enjoy our sandy spaces.

Why do you volunteer to clean up beaches?
Has to be done, doesn’t it, a long day away at the seaside, an hour or so spent tidying is OK, time well spent. Many times other beach-goers will ask questions and join in, this is how the message gets across, people are aware and who doesn’t like a bit of ocean science with their ice creams.

What’s your favourite thing about the Ocean?
For me, it’s the peace and quiet, the view into a watery landscape, the feeling of adventure and travel at the waters’ edge. Huge beaches to lose yourself in. Knowing that beaches and waters I’ve swum in Australia and Brazil are all seamlessly connected with no barriers, all of life is in there.

What is the weirdest/best/coolest/biggest thing you have found on a beach clean?
It’s all there isn’t it, smashed up boats, barrels, unnatural rubbish, nobody wants to find, beach cleaners remove it. And nothing more saddening than finding a dead, beautiful Dolphin, on the shoreline as we had here in Plymouth last month. BUT… Most of the time you will just find a stunning, natural environment, to enjoy the fresh air and even has a swim, whatever the weather.

Why should everyone join a beach clean?
It’s our space, our World and all our lives, and our children’s lives that matter. Seeing what washes up on our beaches, big or small, is just a physical reminder of how we have polluted and damaged the oceans. It’s a small easy subtle step into educating the Worlds’ population into asking important questions, on how we need to live our lives.


Come along to our next beach clean, meet our volunteers and join the fun!

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