Ocean stewardship

Ocean stewardship is all about taking ownership of our Ocean and dedicating our time to looking after the life it contains, protecting it from destruction. As humans, we have a heavy impact on the natural world, I believe not only should we be actively protecting the marine environment for instance by beach cleaning, but we should also be educating those around us about what life in the Ocean we are trying to conserve.

I love to tell people all about the creatures that live in the sea and about the random things we find on our trips to the beach. That’s why I was so happy we were invited to the 1st Hooe Girls Brigade earlier this year to chat with the group about the Ocean, our beach cleaning and help them towards their Stewardship badge.

On an early Thursday evening in March earlier this year, Aaron and I packed up the car with a pot of nurdles, crab moults, buckets of sand with shells, mermaids purses and rubbish hidden inside and headed over to meet the Girls Brigade. Walking through the doors to the hall we spot some eager young girls confused and excited at our arrival. We are surprised to be met by people in costume and discover it has been World Book Day celebrations at school and so we can see they are all dressed as their favourite fictional characters. For the next couple of hours, we had a fantastic time teaching the girls about the Ocean through an interactive show and showing them cool items that have been found on various beach clean trips.

We hoped to continue working with this group on a beach clean but were unable to due to beach closures, but we were informed by the group that the girls were going to run some fundraisers for Plymouth Beach Clean. We were invited back to 1st Hooe Girls Brigade towards the end of June to attend their end parents evening and awards ceremony and were super happy to hear we would receive a cheque of the funds they had raised. I am so happy to announce the 1st Hooe Girls Brigade raised £120 for Plymouth Beach Clean to support us on our mission of cleaning coasts, protecting the ocean.

I would like to say a personal THANK YOU to every person who was involved in fundraising for us and we hope to work with you in the future!

©Plymouth Beach Clean Volunteers 2019

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©Plymouth Beach Clean Volunteers 2019