solace by the sea

Take a deep breath in…and breathe out. Again breathe in…and breathe out.

Did you know that the Ocean provides half the oxygen for our planet so, that second breath you just took came from the Ocean?

It’s important to take the time to stop and breathe for a moment. If you can, head to the coast, get out in the fresh air, feel the breeze, watch the horizon and listen to the waves. Every now and then take some time to put your life on hold and check in with your mind as you watch the world around you. Whenever I am feeling down, lost, stressed or just not like myself I surround myself with water, forgetting all my troubles for a moment.

One of the reasons I set up Plymouth Beach Clean last year was because life just kept throwing horrible situations my way, and I was struggling to cope. I would escape to the beach in search of beauty but would also find litter. Over my trips to find the solace I discovered the task of picking up litter gave my mind an alternative focus instead of on life’s worries.

As this week is UK Mental Health Awareness Week I could not think of a better time to talk about how you can find solace by the sea and the positive health and well-being effects of beach cleaning. Research has shown there are many benefits to connecting to nature and even the importance of blue spaces. The ocean doesn’t even have to try hard to work its magic on us, all you need is to see the sea (even a picture will do), listen to the waves and just let your mind relax.

Remember, you can and should always take some time to look after yourself. If you are able, get to the coast and immerse yourself in nature. If you can’t get to the sea, bring the sea to you by finding a video of waves crashing and give yourself just five minutes to watch and unwind.

Look after your mind, look after yourself.

©Plymouth Beach Clean Volunteers 2019

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©Plymouth Beach Clean Volunteers 2019