PBCVs The Great Global Nurdle Hunt

We’ve agreed to take part in a Great Global Nurdle Hunt.
It’s taking place on 8th-17th February 2019 all across the globe.

We will meet on the beach at 1pm and start collecting nurdles.
Low Tide is at 15:42.

What do you need?
Bring a jar with you to collect nurdles in (i.e an old jam jar/spice jar)
We will provide gloves

What are Nurdles?
Nurdles, or plastic pellets, are small bits of plastic about the size of a lentil (around 2-3mm wide). These pellets are the building blocks of the plastics industry and are used to make all the plastic products you use and find today; from water bottles to car parts. These Nurdles are often spilled and lost at sea and wash up on shores all around the globe. Once at sea, these microplastics can cause harm to marine life where they are often mistaken for food and eaten.

We need to help collect and report our Nurdle findings.