world wildlife day

Sunday 3rd March 2019 – Life Below Water: for people and planet

Life Below Water is a fantastic theme for this year’s UN World Wildlife Day which we are celebrating today! This is the first World Wildlife Day to focus on the Ocean and the life it holds. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the diversity of marine life, it’s importance and how we can take steps to ensure it continues to thrive and provide for future generations. Plymouth Beach Clean focuses on looking after our Ocean and the life it holds, remembering our ocean is influenced by the state of our local coasts.

Let’s all do our bit to help whether that’s joining us for a beach clean, changing to remove unnecessary plastic from your life or spreading the word about the importance of the Ocean. Join our mailing list to find out when our next events are and help us on our mission of Cleaning Coasts, Protecting the Ocean.

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